Woodbury Common Premium Outlet


To certain people, the vast selection can be a negative. At times, the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets can be a bit overwhelming. The stores, unlike a traditional mall, are freestanding. This requires you to walk outdoors from store to store. On beautiful days this is fine, but when planning your trip to the outlets, weather should be taken into consideration.


The outlets can be described as hit and miss. Sometimes you can find really good deals on high-end brands although sometimes the prices are just as high in the regular store. The good thing about the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is that if you miss on a few stores, there are always several more just around the bend.

If you are planning on spending money at a few different outlets within the commons, I strongly recommend you visit the large tower in the middle of the outlets to pick up a coupon book. The book has many very beneficial coupons and can save you a lot of money.

The prices of clothes range vastly throughout the outlets. There are reasonably priced clothes and there are expensive high end designer clothes. It really just depends on what you are looking for.


The crowd depends on the time of the year and the day of the week like most shopping establishments. During the holidays and summer, the outlets are packed. If you go during the week or during the off season, there are moderate crowds. Even during the busiest of times, the open air feel and the huge expanse of the facilities makes up for the large crowds it draws. The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets draws a large international crowd particularly Asians and Europeans.