What to Expect at Local Dillards Outlet

The growth and longevity of Dillard’s is a testament to the vision of its founder William T. Dillard. He established his first store in 1938 and through continuous development and expansion he began acquiring retail stores outside of Arkansas.

Dillard’s began to operate in various locations in Texas and Oklahoma. By 1969, Dillard’s developed into a publicly traded company named Dillard Department Stores, Inc. Decades later, Dillard’s would be operating in 29 states with 309 stores.

There are Dillards outlet stores in Arizona, Iowa, Georgia, Wyoming, Colorado, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nevada, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho, North and South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Florida. In 2002, William T. Dillard passed away. The hundreds of Dillard’s all across America still operate to this day, carrying with them the entrepreneurial legacy of their visionary founding father.

Today, most Dillard’s stores are located inside shopping malls at central business locations nationwide. Setting up at a good location is the key to the endurance of Dillard’s. By situating its outlets inside malls, Dillard’s is assured of a sizable volume of foot traffic. This is absolutely essential to the success of the retail business.

Another feature of the shopping experience at Dillards is the availability of an exclusive Dillard’s credit card prior to 2004. Dillard’s subsequently sold their credit card operations to GE Consumer Finance, which continues to provide exclusive and branded credit card services to Dillard’s clientele.

Dillard’s offer a wide array of retail goods. Clothing is one of its primary merchandise. They offer various premium branded apparel items for kids and adults, male or female. Home furnishings, accessories, shoes and cosmetics are also part of their stores’ offerings.

Apart from premium branded products, some of which are exclusive to Dillard’s, they also provide private label merchandize at more affordable prices. Hence, a good location, tech-assisted service, high-quality goods and a private credit card service – these are the things one can expect when shopping at a Dillards outlet.