Wear an Infinity Scarf

The first way to wear your infinity scarf is one of the most common ways that people wear this accessory. It is very simple to do and you can adjust to your liking and according to what outfit you are wearing. You simply place the scarf around your neck and then twist it and wrap it around your neck again. You should now have two layers of the scarf around your neck that you can play with. Wear one layer longer and have the other one closer to your neck or you can wear both of them right in the middle right next to each other.

The second way to wear an infinity scarf is to simply keep wrapping it around your neck until you have gotten the desired look you want. This gives you an illusion cowl-like neck or another layer besides your shirt. How many times you wrap the scarf will all depend on the type of scarf and what material it is made from. Just be sure that you don’t wrap it too tightly so that it is still comfortable to wear. This look is best worn for an outerwear appearance for colder weather and can be a great way to cover up your neck and upper chest from the cold.

You can also use your infinity scarf as a shrug or shawl if it is big enough as well. This is a great way to cover up your shoulders when you have a strapless shirt or short sleeve blouse on it cooler weather. Take your scarf and place it around your waist. Take the scarf that is in front of you and pull it back behind your head so that it is positioned around your shoulders. Adjust it as necessary so you get the perfect look for your outfit.

These are just three of the different ways you can wear an infinity scarf. The best way to get good at styling your scarf is to simply play around with it and practice to see what looks best with your outfits.