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Types of earrings every women should buy

Women pay a lot of attention to the clothes they wear but as long as it is not coupled with good jewellery the look is always incomplete. Today is the time of minimalistic fashion. Wearing elaborate jewellery with clothes will mar the look. So usually something minimalistic, light, easy to carry is preferred. An earring is one of them. A good pair of earrings with even the simplest of dresses can amplify the look to next level. It is very essential to know about the various types of earrings, so that it can be paired with the right clothes. So here are few types of earrings which will make your jewellery shopping easy and hassle free.


  1. Studs: Studs are ideal for daily wear. It really goes well with a casual wear. It’s extremely light in weight and sticks to the ear lobes. It’s very easy to carry. It comes
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