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Activate a Kid Friendly Search Engine

Nowadays, it is actually not a surprise for kids to find out more about Google since we’re now living in the digital world. Furthermore, your kids definitely see you using the search engine when searching. And given that they are kids, it makes them curious and check out the page themselves. Once they learn how to use it, they will be Googling literally everything that they can find from games, answer for their homework, watching funny and interesting videos and many more.

There are cases to which kids might be taking a wrong turn when using Google and could end up in the dark side of the internet, something that they shouldn’t be in the first place. Some kids might stumble innocently on inappropriate contents while others are intentionally seeking it. Regardless of what could have happened, parents are usually left in distance on what they shall do in order to prevent their little ones from searching and finding these bad sites from Google.

Now is not the time to be totally worried because Google knows such case and thus, they have incorporated parental control features. By learning about this, parents will be able to activate it and finally lower the chances of their kids to be on these useless sites. Let us take a good look at some of the parental controls that Google has which can be enabled to protect the curious minds of your children.

The Google SafeSearch is among the major options for parental controls that Google offered to filter the search results. SafeSearch is helping to filter explicit contents to be shown in the search results. It is designed mainly to get rid of sexually explicit material both videos and images as well as violent content.

In activating SafeSearch, there are only a couple of steps that you have to do and these are:

Step number 1. As you go to Google’s Search Settings preference section, put a check within the box that says “Filter explicit results”.

Step number 2. Find the link which says “Lock SafeSearch” to be able to lock the setting and prevent it from turning back on by your children. If you’re not logged in with your Google account, you have to first to be able to lock it, otherwise, you wouldn’t. However, if you have two or more browsers running on the system, you have to redo the process for each and every single browser. Furthermore, if you have different profiles on your computer, you have to do it on that browser as well. Make sure that you also enable the cookies to make this work.

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