Little Maternity Dress

I’m sure that you’ve heard this one many times over. Nothing like the perfect little black dress! Pregnant or not, every woman needs one. When buying that perfect little black dress, remember the three most important features: Fabric, silhouette and quality. Choose a fabric that is durable and sustains washes well. Make certain to choose a silhouette that highlights your body type. The little black dress, your most important piece, should be the best quality that you can afford as this will be the dress you will wear the most.

Know your shape

Pregnant or not, your body shape follows you. Know your shape. Pear shaped gals should look for empire styles with a-line or fuller skirts. Cute details like shirred cap sleeves or an under bust ribbon, bow or flower will draw attention to your petite upper body. Apple shapes (fuller bust) look best in cross over styles, V-necks dresses with lots of shirring. Hour glass figures with well proportioned top and bottom halves are the best off as they can usually pull off any type of style.

Draw out your best feature

If you are tall and leggy why not take advantage of wearing a short dress? Have a nice long ballerina neck? Try an off the shoulder style dress highlighting your face and neck features. Know your best feature and choose your dresses to highlight the features that you are most proud of.

Add some color

After you have chosen the perfect little black dress, make sure to choose a dress in a color you love. There is nothing better that having that little dress in the color that never pales you! For those days that you feel a little less than yourself, a little nauseous or a little tired, having that one dress that brings out your skin tones is something that just makes sense.


Buying the right accessories can take your pieces a long way! Purchase a great pair of fall boots that you can wear with your dresses. Something with a small heal that will give you the style and make you feel sexy yet not compromise your comfort. Scarves are like magic! A couple of well-chosen scarves in the right colors to compliment your face will change the look of your dresses and give the added punch you need on those less than perfect mornings. Necklaces, earrings and hair accessories to contrast your dress color are wonderful ways to change-up the look of your dresses.

Create accessory groups

Choose three colors you like on yourself. Build around these color groups and create a little look. A perfect example would be to choose a great pair gray of boots, a pair of peacock colored feather earrings and a silver chain link belt. Using neutral-like colors like grays and browns keeps the look clean and versatile yet gives the outfit a fashionable feel. Another example is a nice pair of classic black boots, a shawl in your best color with flecks of gold and a nice neck piece with gold elements. Metallic colors or effects can dress you up from day to night almost instantly.