Jungle Boots

Jungle boots are very useful when going camping or hunting in conditions that are wet and perhaps muddy. When hunting, the camouflage aspect of the boots suits the occasion well and gives good traction on the dense muddy undergrowth.

These boots were initially designed for use by the military in hot and humid conditions such as the jungle. The military personnel were issued these boots to help them in muddy and wet environments in war zones. Throughout the years, these boots have been modified to ensure they perform even better. They are durable and comfortable as should be the case since they will be worn for extended periods of time. These boots have uppers that are made of either canvas or other breathable material which allows circulation of air.

The wearer’s feet will also be kept dry because of the lining in the boots. This lining is typically made of a moisture wicking material which assists in keeping the feet dry. They also have vents in the region of the instep to help drain any water that might have entered the boots. This helps to maintain the temperature in the boots to keep the feet from sweating. The soles are also specially made to help squeeze mud out without getting stuck in the soles. This in turn helps with better traction in soft but heavy mud.

Jungle boots are not meant just for the jungle. They can and are used for conditions and environments that are akin to the jungle. Hot, humid, muddy conditions are the type of environment that jungle boots are suited for. However, fashion has also seen jungle boots in the urban jungle.

Nowadays, these boots have uppers made of materials that are a mix of leather and/or suede and some of them have nylon uppers to help in the breath-ability of these boots. Since mostly military personnel wear these, the colors they come in tend to be light green and khaki which are perfect camouflage colors.