Importance of Trying on Both Shoes

The reason is that the majority of us don’t actually know how to shop for shoes properly. Now this may sound dumb but it isn’t, read on to see why.

Did you know that the time of day you go to buy shoes can have a huge bearing on how they fit? Never shop for shoes first thing in the morning, wait until later in the afternoon.

Our feet all swell through the day, some more than others. If you shop first thing, those great new shoes will only fit you in the mornings. As you tend to wear shoes for longer than this, it’s common sense to buy them when your feet are a bit puffier.

Don’t make the common mistake of buying a pair of shoes when you have only tried one on. Seriously, why people do this baffles me. Unless you are just intending to wear one shoe all day, always try them on as a pair. The left one may be perfect, but depending on the shape of your toes etc, the right one might not fit at all.

Whatever shoes you are shopping for, always make sure that you have the same kind of sock, tights or whatever you will be wearing with them. This also ensures a good fit.

Should be looking for a new pair of tennis shoes for example, make sure that you are wearing your tennis socks and aren’t barefoot or wearing nylons.

Do not, whatever you do, try a pair of shoes that pinch under the assumption that they will get more comfortable. If they aren’t comfortable in the store, they never will be.