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How We DIY Our Dining Room Pew
During a home renovation or while making changes in a cottage one can decide to think of incorporating an old and traditional church pew into their dining table setting. Getting a pew may not be that hard since they can be found at a sale and it is not given that it will be in the exact shape and state that you desire hence some changes may have to be done to it. Most of friends and family may not get around the idea of you wanting a church pew as part of our dining table so you might have a lot to prove.
In this chapter we will be able to read more about how some people had previously been able to change an old fashioned church pew into something of their dream. The pew had a cushion that did not fit into their design so when they took it back home, that for sure had to go. For a long time before the purchase of the pew, it had resided in a dingy storage hence cleaning it first was in order. On the other hand nothing was wrong about the state of the pew hence there was no need to repair any hinges or the pew as a whole. After tiding it up with some water and letting it dry in the sun, it was time to remove the cushion that was not in a reusable state. The cushion reaming was not a bargain because of the state it was in, it looked fray, had been torn and was stained in a number of places.
The cushion would then be taken to an antique store owner who had a way of knowing just how to deal with such cushion or even make some cushion that would meet the taste of his customers. For the cushion they wanted they had to buy first a fabric for it from their friend who had an online store and have the antique store owner make their desired cushion from it. The cushion that the antique store owner made was perfect, fitted their vision and was even more than what they expected. Even though the cushion was now in place they also had to make sure that the small screws in the pew were durable. For it to be able to support the weight that it was going to be subjected to, it was important to have it slightly adjusted.
Although painting a different color on it would be a great alternative, they feared the paint getting dirty over time and they saw it fit to just apply sealant on the wood.
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