Display Cabinets Prominent Shop Fittings

Assessing Your Space

One of the first steps you should take when addressing your shop fittings is assessing the amount of space you have available. Remember, you will want plenty of room for patrons to walk around, and if the area is too cluttered, it may discourage people from even entering your store. One interior design that works well involves placing your register and customer care area in the center of your floor plan. Border it with display cases that are facing outward, as this can help induce that extra product sale when your customers are waiting in line to check out.

Consider The Industry

If you are operating a clothing retailer, you will likely want to find mannequins for sale. These models can help you display some of the more popular designer items you carry, and when placed strategically in windows, can help you drive foot traffic from passerby. Mannequins are often found without much difficulty and in many cases, you can get them for next to nothing from stores that are either going out of business or purchasing new mannequins. Be sure to remember the gender, though, as you don’t want to display female clothing on male models!

Shelving and Rack Accessories

Shelving can help you get the most from your floor space if it is limited. Taking products off of floor-based tables and moving them to wall mounted shelving can also be quite attractive when someone is perusing your store. Racks are perfect if you carry hats, jewelry, or other accessories, so be sure to look for corners in which you can stand a coat or hat rack. This is a great way to display your headwear without simply setting in on tables.

Use Variety In Your Design

Variety is key when implementing the various shop fittings. If you use a single display style, your store will appear to be bland and uninteresting. Remember, half of the retail process is arranging your floor properly to keep patrons moving throughout the entire store. You want them to pass by as many of your wares as possible, and making the right choices in this department can help you facilitate this.