Discount Apparel

Consumers have their own favorite brands. Though reasons may vary, it could be because of the style and designs, the quality, comfort it provides for the customers, the materials that they use or just the mere impact the brand portrays. Well known brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Coach, GAP, Nike, Banana Republic, DKNY, Bebe does not come cheap when you buy them at retail and nowadays are considered as luxury.

The best way to avail and get the best deal of branded merchandise is to shop for them wholesale online or through liquidators. This is how it works:

Big name brands and retailers oftentimes liquidate their inventories and then sell their merchandise off to some wholesale discounters or distributors. These discounters then pass off the said merchandise to the supply chain and end up at discount stores or online discount shops.

These merchandise often ends up having a discounted price or will only cost only a fraction of the same item sold at retail outlets. You can get discounts as high as 75-90% off an item if you buy them at discount shops, dollar stores and discount websites. This practice is not at all favored by retail chains, that is why certain conditions on the distribution of these items are implemented and sometimes stated on contracts. Thus, maintaining control and limitation to distribution of these liquidated goods.

Another method being used by these big retailers is to deface the tag or product label of these products before liquidating it. They have the option of cutting the label off with a single scissor cut or remove completely the label. Using a marker and lining off the brand is also another option.

If you buy such items online, good retailers or distributors will inform you ahead of time if the label is defaced. You do not have to worry though; these are just company measures used by the retail company to dissuade off opportunist who buys off items at discount shops and return the branded item at original retail store in exchange for the retail price.

This is indeed a smart move for an individual who want to buy some items without compromising there favored brands or the quality of the merchandise.