Buying Proper Shoes For Health

Additionally, it’s often good to have both feet measured before buying. As we age the sizes tend to change and we may gain or lose weight on 1 foot, while the other foot remains the same or vice versa. When measuring both feet, fit the shoe to the larger foot. Of course, shoe sizes vary depending on the style and designers. So make sure you try on each shoe that you would like to buy just to see if they’re comfortable or not. Leave about a centimetre of space between your longest toe and the end of the toe box.

Also, you know that myth about breaking shoes in. Yes, this is a myth. So don’t buy shoes that are too tight, thinking that they’ll just stretch out.

I once knew this girl who had over 12 pairs of shoes that she used. I thought this was a little excessive, however what she was doing was actually healthy. It is important not to wear the same pair of shoes every day. This is because moisture can collect inside the shoe and promote the growth of various fungi that may lead to ringworm, otherwise known as athletes foot. Of course, you don’t need 12 pairs of shoes, 2 will do. Just alternate between days and you will be fine. Also replaced shoes after around 500 to 800 km.