Buying Clothes For Body Type

When clothes are worn correctly, flattering our body type, we look more refined, elegant and respectable. Wealthier individuals have the ability to buy clothes custom tailored for their bodies creating a flawless look, while others will buy clothes based upon how comfortable they are to wear, or because they like the color or fabric, or someone they know has something similar and they liked it on them. Clothes should be bought for their fit, not because something is comfortable, or someone else looked good in the item. The color or fabric of clothing shouldn’t be the ultimate determining factor for a purchase either since fabrics can often be dyed.

Everyone has a body type, and it is how clothes fit your body type that should determine what you purchase. Clothes should fit your body, accentuate the best aspects of your figure, and minimize the less flattering aspects of your figure. It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, petite, plus, apple or pear, there is something out there for everyone that will make you look impeccable, the trick is to know what type of body you have and to look for specific features that will help accentuate your assets.

The first step for dressing your body is to figure out what type of body type you have. Think about your best bodily features. Do you have nice legs? What about your arms? Next think about your more troublesome body areas. What do you wish to minimize? Do you have too much stomach? What about your hips? Try avoiding clothes that are fitted around your more troublesome areas, and choose silhouettes that help draw your eyes away from that particular area.