Buy Shoes For Baby

When you buy baby dress shoes for non-walkers remember that every small accessory on it can get into your baby’s mouth and he can swallow it. So try not to buy this kind of shoes. If you already bought shoes with small accessories on it, you better take them off.

Try to select something that reflects your baby age. Every mother wants the best for her baby and she needs to know that colors need to be bright. Everything in your baby childhood must be cheerful, variegated. Colorful cloth will bring some happiness into baby’s life.

The shoes fastener for the walkers needs to be handy to your child, so he can put his shoes by himself. For non-walker babies it will be better if they can’t take off his shoes independently. So he will never lost it or take it to the mouth. For the both – walkers and non-walkers- the fastener must be without small pieces. The best fastener is Velcro. When your baby grows up a little bit you can buy shoes with shoelaces and teach him how to lace one’s shoes. But if your baby just started to walk avoid shoelaces because they can often come undone. If your baby will step on them he will fall. It is very bad for the very young child because it can turn out as psychological trauma and he probably will be afraid of walking for some time. So be careful if you don’t want to hamper the development of your child.

One more advice, that could save you money. Don’t buy very expensive shoes. Children grow up very fast and so are their feet. So you will be forced to buy new shoes every three months. Consequently if you buy an expensive pair of shoes you need to understand that after some time you will be forced to buy a new one. It is good if you can sell the old one and buy new because usually babies don’t have time to wear it out.

Some practical advises that will be helpful in the shopping process – remember that shoes must be flexible enough, because otherwise yours baby feet will get tired quickly and the baby will become capricious.

So shoes must be soft for the touch and pleasant to wear. Style is important thing, but comfort comes first when you choose shoes for your baby. High tops are looking well, but unfortunately are not acceptable because it can give rise for the baby feet deformation. Try to choose the right size, because if your baby just started to walk, it will be uncomfortable for him to walk in bigger size shoes. So, he will need more time for paddle.