About New York Outlet Shopping

New York is a shoppers paradise. Clothing, jewelery, electronics, you name it! It can all be found in New York City in abundance and, hopefully, on sale or at discount prices.

Very few things are truly native to the United States – baseball, barbeque, jazz, and factory outlet shopping!

Factory outlets are stores where designer and brand name manufacturers sell their excess and discontinued inventories at discount prices – sometimes, cheaper than regular retail stores can even buy at wholesale prices. Entire shopping centers and malls of just factory outlets or “outlet stores” have appeared in recent decades around the United States.

Some of the largest outlet shopping centers and malls in the United States are located just a short distance from New York City. They are built outside of the city, because of all the space needed for the many stores. The two most popular centers in the New York City area, Woodbury Common and Jersey Gardens Mall, each have more than 200 brand name and designer outlet stores.

Several of the tour companies in New York City provide bus transportation to and from the outlet shopping centers and malls. The cost of transportation is more than made up by savings to be found in shopping at the outlets. The factory outlets will ship purchased items, including outside of the United States, to make it easier for those traveling.