About Hollister Outlet Stores

Here, it is quite important to point out that the Abercrombie & Fitch have a very interesting way of marketing all their sub-brands and they did the same with Hollister: they marketed it with a pseudo-history. The parent company firmly believes that this not only gives their other brands more depth, but attracts many new customers as well who can associate with the set story. The story is quite interesting and is about a young adventurous man, against the backdrop of passion, love and affinity for the sea. This story is intertwined with their apparel and their stores and regular stores where surfing is always the main theme.

Each piece of merchandise also has the date 1922 stated on the label which is when the fictional history states that the brand was founded. In fact, today hundreds of their stores across the USA have video walls where a live feed from Surf City, California is regularly shown to promote and enhance the entire surfing theme.

Another great thing about this particular brand is that their products are, for the most part, reasonably priced and to make a good deal better, the brand is available in hundreds of outlet stores where you can browse and buy the previous season’s stock at very low prices. All their products tend to be so smart and casual at the same time that it never really seems to matter if you’re buying last season’s stuff; it can easily blend in with whatever is the latest style. Plus, even if you go to a party wearing their T-shirt that is 3-4 years old, nobody will give it a second glance, except perhaps an admiring one, because it will never look old. Whatever Hollister you’re wearing, it will always be in because the vintage look it markets has and always will be a popular one.