Month: February 2020

Return of the Neckerchief

Whether you are walking down the catwalk in Milan or laboriously walking the high street, the countless ways in which you can wear this accessory makes it versatile enough to be incorporated into any look. Thus the neckerchief is establishing itself as a must wear fashion accessory for everyone. Be it on the runway or high street, this accessory is becoming easily noticed.

Silk is the fabric from which the neckerchief is made from. It is normally thin unlike a scarf, and it does not keep anybody warm. With the possibilities of a more varied ways to wear the neckerchief it has become the toast of most designers, and high street alike. The neckerchief complements most outfit selections by adding texture, layering and interest. It comes in a variety of pattern and adds plenty of color to your fashion statement.

The neckerchief is an attention grabbing fashion accessory that adds

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