Month: January 2020

Jungle Boots

Jungle boots are very useful when going camping or hunting in conditions that are wet and perhaps muddy. When hunting, the camouflage aspect of the boots suits the occasion well and gives good traction on the dense muddy undergrowth.

These boots were initially designed for use by the military in hot and humid conditions such as the jungle. The military personnel were issued these boots to help them in muddy and wet environments in war zones. Throughout the years, these boots have been modified to ensure they perform even better. They are durable and comfortable as should be the case since they will be worn for extended periods of time. These boots have uppers that are made of either canvas or other breathable material which allows circulation of air.

The wearer’s feet will also be kept dry because of the lining in the boots. This lining is typically made of … Read the rest

Take Advantage of Clothing Coupons

Coupons are especially beneficial if you are the type of person who frequently shops for new clothes and is always on the lookout for fast and emerging trends. Clothing coupons will help you save some serious cash.

Many online retailers, as well as your favorite mall retailers, offer coupon deals. Even the biggest and most expensive brands offer clothing coupons to allow a bigger share of the market to have a taste of their products as well as to give thanks to their loyal customers all at the same time.

If you have yet to try clothing coupons, stop wondering about it and start presenting these helpful money savers at the counter of your favorite stores. When you see the 25% to 40% taken off from your total the results will prove themselves! Furthermore, it is very easy to find online clothing coupons. Anybody can get them and they can … Read the rest

Secret Life of a Clothing Shopaholic

When we get a compliment or an admiring stare on the way we look, we feel great. And here is another truth about our addiction: we all have a “female appraiser”. A “female appraiser” is the female in our life that we always imagine envying us and complimenting us when we try on new clothes. She is the one we always wear new outfits in front of to get appraisal and compliments about how we look. She is the one who notices every new pair of shoes, every new piece of jewelry, whether our hair looks particularly healthy and attractive that day, and every new item of clothing we are wearing to the minutest degree. She dissects us physically; she is our lifeblood to feeling we exist; by noticing us, envying us and complimenting us; she makes us feel alive.

And we are her female appraiser as well. We notice … Read the rest

Buying Rock Shoes

When buying shoes, only buy at rock climbing or mountain stores with a reputation for quality. Buying discounted shoes may give you a great price, but you may end up with a shoe that will fall apart when you are half way up the cliff face. Only buy the best, and make sure that you talk with the store assistants or reading reviews from online buyers to ensure that you are getting the best gear and best value for money.

Make sure to buy a pair of all round rock shoes. These shoes are great to wear around on any climb and most beginners will find that these shoes are more than enough to get them started. Once you advance a bit more, you will be able to branch out and try new shoes. Until then, your all day comfort shoe will be exactly what you need.

Test the Merrell … Read the rest

Fun With Office Fashion

Start by adding color to your work wardrobe. There is no rule that you have to wear a white shirt and gray suit to work everyday, so start by bringing your favorite color into your work wardrobe in different ways. While a neon green three-piece suit may be a little much for your office, adding a necktie in a startling shade looks professional but is sure to be noticed. Neckties are just one of the accessories that you can use to bring in a splash of color to your work wardrobe. Consider adding a few accessories that include a bright color – a watch with a brightly colored face, a suit with a lining in a surprising shade, or even socks in a fun color can add personality to the most basic suit. The best thing about adding color with accessories is that it doesn’t require much commitment – you … Read the rest

Christmas Shopping

  • Early Bird/Late Night Bargains – Well before Thanksgiving some retailers are already opening early or staying open late in order to accommodate shoppers. A big lure: Get ten percent back/off of select purchases over $50. Depending on the details of the offer, you can either apply savings to your current purchase or as credit toward future purchases. Variations of this lure include incremental rewards, i.e. $15 off of purchases of $75 or more, $20 off of purchases of $100 or more, etc. Read the fine print as exceptions do apply!
  • Friends and Family Sales – One big retailer is offering to their employees a way in which they can pass on their employee discount to select family members and friends. By offering the same discounts that the employee receives, the employee will then mail directly to select people a discount card allowing the customer to get the same discount as
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Importance of Trying on Both Shoes

The reason is that the majority of us don’t actually know how to shop for shoes properly. Now this may sound dumb but it isn’t, read on to see why.

Did you know that the time of day you go to buy shoes can have a huge bearing on how they fit? Never shop for shoes first thing in the morning, wait until later in the afternoon.

Our feet all swell through the day, some more than others. If you shop first thing, those great new shoes will only fit you in the mornings. As you tend to wear shoes for longer than this, it’s common sense to buy them when your feet are a bit puffier.

Don’t make the common mistake of buying a pair of shoes when you have only tried one on. Seriously, why people do this baffles me. Unless you are just intending to wear one

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Getting Great Custom Greek Clothing

One of the first things that most girls do once they hear that they have been chosen to join a sorority officially the first thing that they do is head to the college bookstore to purchase some Greek clothing. After all, the best way to celebrate is to get outfitted in the gear that tells others that you are part of the group. Your friends and family members may also purchase you gear to help celebrate the special occasion with you because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Of course, the problem is that once you have been to the college bookstore or local Greek store a few times you probably will find that you now own all of the Greek wear that they have available for your sorority. This is a common problem in most small school regions because with only so many clothes available and so … Read the rest

Discounts Vouchers

  • What is a discount voucher or code?
    The code will be a simple word or string of characters.  The codes created by online retailers and then promoted on websites and in newspapers and magazines.  Customers can use these vouchers to obtain discounts on just about any consumer product.  You may also see vouchers that can be printed and then used in variety of outlets.  For example, these are often used by restaurants who are trying to bring in more diners during quiet times.
  • How do I use these promotional codes?
    If you find it on a website that lists these codes then there’ll probably be a direct link to the retailer’s site and the discount will be automatically applied.  If you see the code in print then you simply make a note of the code or voucher and then type it into the appropriate box when you reach the checkout
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Old Navy Outlet Guide

Old Navy opened its first store in 1994 and has been doing great family-friendly fashion ever since. Old navy stores are divided into sections for women,men, teens, boys, girls and even infants.

Old Navy clothing is very affordable, the lines tend to be quite casual and on trend. The stores have great selections for teens and can be a good place to take them when shopping.

The great news is that if you like Old Navy clothing then you could be saving a great deal of money by shopping at an outlet store. Factory stores and malls are ever popular, especially in the current financial climate. It has never been a better time to shop for cheaper fashion and clothing at an outlet store.

An old navy outlet can be found at many locations across the USA. The discounts vary but there are many cheap items to be found compared … Read the rest