Where to Buy Gift Cards

Fortunately there is quite an easy solution for this dilemma. Over the past several years, many drugstores and supermarkets have taken to selling more than just their own store’s branded versions. So you now can get all kinds of them when you go shopping for groceries or go to pick up a prescription. Since we all have to do at least one of those things frequently, it makes your holiday shopping a lot more stress free.

So just where can you buy your favorites? Try Safeway, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Krogers, Publix, and CVS, etc. You should find a gift card rack at any of these outlets and they will feature cards in various denominations from many of the big major chains, including department stores such as Macy’s, to online superstores like Amazon, restaurants such as Outback, and more.

If you still can’t find just the right gift card from a particular shop, then you can always pick up a Visa or American Express gift card, which both can be used just about anywhere. Unlike the store branded cards, those will cost you an activation fee to purchase, but if you have someone who is that difficult to buy gifts for, you may not mind the extra five dollars or so.