Ways to Save When Buying Clothing

  • Consider op shops and second hand clothing outlets. Often you can pick up clothes that have never been worn, or only been worn once. Formal and party wear is often found at bargain basement prices. These clothes are usually distinctive and people do not like to wear them more than once in front of their friends. Some people buy bargains and never get around to wearing them.
  • When buying clothing, do not go fashion crazy. Very fashionable clothing becomes dated quickly and no one wants to be seen in last season’s outfits. Go for the classic styles in the basic colours. If you start with a classic like the little black dress, you can accessorise for different looks. One classic skirt can often be accessorised for most occasions.
  • When you have good quality, classic basic clothes you need to care for them. Make sure zippers are replaced and hems resewn. Good dry cleaners also do repairs. Keeping your good quality classic clothes in good repair extends their life and saves you having to find replacements.
  • Every year there are regular sales. Keep your eyes open for the best sales in your area. Look out for the best quality items, in classic styles, made with quality material. Some stock take sales offer the best clothing at a fraction of the original price. A good quality suit may cost a couple of hundred dollars but it will last forever.
  • Children grow so fast that often they only wear a set of clothes once or twice. You can hand down clothing from eldest to youngest to save a few dollars. If you have friends or relatives with children a size up or down you may like to share clothes with them. Make sure you only hand down the best quality, least worn clothing. If you would not like it yourself, do not give it to anyone else.