Ways to Increase Sales

  • One thing that you can do to increase sales is to give incentives to your staff for them to exert more effort to sell your product. Sometimes, workers feel unmotivated because of financial reasons, especially if their salary is not so big. You have to keep them motivated by giving incentives. For example, you can reward the employee with the highest sales for the month with a free vacation trip, a gadget or home appliance, or additional bonus. Make their efforts appreciated and be kind to your staff so that they will also be concerned with your business.
  • Another tip on how to increase sales is to hold events or to create buzz about your company. You can hold a re-opening party, an inventory sale, or a charity drive. You can also send a press release article to your local newspaper. This way, people will know that something new is happening in your business. They will not think that it is the same old boring business or company that you started many years ago.
  • You should also reward your customers, especially the loyal ones. Many large companies do this to maintain their business with their loyal customer and to attract new ones. Some examples of rewards are discounts on the customer’s birthday, points system, and discounts for loyal customers, to name a few. This way, your old customers will feel as if they are in the right company and will continue having business with you and potential customers will think that your company is treating its customers well and will be encouraged to do business with you as well.
  • Have excellent customer service. Be friendly and helpful with your customers. No matter how foul you are feeling that day, you should still smile to your customers and treat them well. Some people prefer to go to shops with excellent customer service even if the products are a bit expensive than to a shop with poor customer service and cheap products. You should orient your staff about this policy.
  • Make your shop unique and noticeable. Decorate it in such a way that it will attract more customers. Use cool lighting and colors, especially if you are holding a sale. Try not to look like all the shops near your area. Have something unique so that people will remember you and will be curious to go inside and take a look at your shop. You will increase your sales because you are attracting potential customers.