Ultimate Sales Guide

  • Planning and research
    Decide exactly what you need or want in advance of the sales. This will avoid buying unsuitable clothes that you don’t need and won’t wear again. Set yourself a budget. This is the best way to stop yourself from overspending and starting the new year with a credit card bill the size of the phone directory. Prioritise each of the items that you would like to buy and then stop when you get to your budget. Browse your favourite shops in advance of the sales to check out what is on offer and what is likely to be in the sale. If you can try on your favourite items and make a note of which size fits best.
  • On the day
    Go well prepared and dress appropriately. Get up early, have a good breakfast and get to your first choice of shop in time for opening. Wear layers of clothes so you can remove some if you get hot. The sales are usually very crowded so it is likely to get quite warm. Take a large shopping bag for your purchases, it will be easier to carry and keep all your purchases together this way. Take a bottle of water and some energy snacks to keep you going, shopping is hard work and you probably won’t want to stop in a cafe in case you miss out on all the bargains. Do not buy anything that does not fit perfectly no matter how much you love it or how much it has been reduced by. There is no point in wearing a dress by the latest cool designer if it doesn’t fit properly. This is especially important for shoes, if they don’t fit you won’t be able to walk in them or they will be very uncomfortable. I know that this seems obvious but you would be surprised how many people get caught up in the frenzy of the sales and make this mistake. The best bargains in the sales are usually classic items that will not be out of fashion by next year. Designer sales also offer the opportunity to get a piece by your favourite designer that you may not usually be able to afford.
  • Online Sales
    For those who just can’t stand the scrum of the sales, online sales are ideal. The reductions are just as good and you don’t even have to move from the warmth of your own house. As with the regular sales, prepare, decide what you want and have a look at the stock before the sales start. Check the dates that the online sales start as they often start before Christmas. You will still need to get up early on sale day if you want to get the best bargains. Check the returns policy before buying online. The online retailer should allow you to return items that do not fit but it is worth bearing in mind delivery costs and returns costs.