Types of earrings every women should buy

Women pay a lot of attention to the clothes they wear but as long as it is not coupled with good jewellery the look is always incomplete. Today is the time of minimalistic fashion. Wearing elaborate jewellery with clothes will mar the look. So usually something minimalistic, light, easy to carry is preferred. An earring is one of them. A good pair of earrings with even the simplest of dresses can amplify the look to next level. It is very essential to know about the various types of earrings, so that it can be paired with the right clothes. So here are few types of earrings which will make your jewellery shopping easy and hassle free.


  1. Studs: Studs are ideal for daily wear. It really goes well with a casual wear. It’s extremely light in weight and sticks to the ear lobes. It’s very easy to carry. It comes in different shapes and sizes. It you’re wearing a maxi dress with a top knot bun, a bigger stud will match with the attire but with t-shirt and jeans a small stud would suffice.
  2. Hoop earrings: Whether it’s the retro style or the present day, hoop earrings have always secured a place in the fashion world. They are loops which hangs from your earlobes. They come in different sizes and different thickness. A silver hoop earring looks perfect with white shirt, blue jeans and black boots.
  3. Earcuffs: Ear cuffs are one of the most fashionable type of earring which is worn on the helix of the ear and looks extremely trendy. It was popularly worn by famous celebritu like Marilyn Monroe. It is still worn today. It’s available in various designs. Infact there are so many varieties, that there will always be a right kind of earcuff for every garment.
  4. Sleeper earrings: After making a piercing,it becomes really difficult to make sure that the piercing doesn’t close up or gets infected. So for that particular period of time sleeper earrings were invented. These earrings can be worn all throughout the day and are extremely comfortable and doesn’t hurt the earlobes. It is usually made of gold or silver.
  5. Mismatched earrings: These earrings are making new records in the fashion world. These are basically a pair of earrings where both the earrings are not similar in appearance. Either one is long and the other one is short or it is designed in such a way that they complement each other. It really forms a very unique style. Pairing it with evening dresses, enhances the overall look.

Earrings have been an integral part of fashion for the longest of time. Its variety of designs is endless. A new earring with the same dress can completely change the look. However it is very important to make sure that the earrings aren’t too heavy for the earlobes. It shouldn’t even cause irritation to the skin. An earring should be picked up by checking it’s material. Always go for something that will make you feel comfortable.