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Buy Tommy Bahama Clothing

The line is known for its great fabrics, wonderful designs and cool styling. However, Tommy Bahama can be expensive at times and finding ways to save can really help.

Tommy Bahama has outlet stores across the country that carries actual retail items at a reduced price. Once the goods have been in the retail stores for roughly three months, the items that did not sell at full retail are packed up and sent to their outlet stores. Several stores inventories are consolidated for each outlet location, so there is a higher chance that all sizes will be available for each color and style.

Since it is very uncommon to find Tommy Bahama marked down in the actual retail stores, this is traditionally the only way to buy these products at a reduced price. Items come in at full retail and receive an initial markdown of 30%. After some time it … Read the rest

Buying Kids Skate Shoes

Just like all sports, product placement pervades all areas of skateboarding. I remember when I first saw DC shoes I thought they looked crappy and that no sane person would ever dream of buying them. Then, after watching a few pros in skate videos tearing down handrails in those very shoes, I saved up and got myself some. I didn’t think the shoes enhanced my skating performance but just seeing the shoes on the feet of the pros actually changed how the shoes looked! They started to look like the coolest shoes on the planet and that’s why I had to have them. So when the kids are buying skate shoes, that’s what they look for first: who’s skating in them?

A skater kid wouldn’t dream of wearing a brand not affiliated with skateboarding. So you’re going to see the same few brands on all skateboard kids. When a big … Read the rest