Save Money at Outlet Mall

I have found a four easy ways to save more money at the outlet mall, here’s how:

  1. Visit the Outlet Mall website: most outlet malls will post their sales information and special promotions on their website. Once you know when the sales are going to be, you can plan your trip to the mall.
  2. Join the Shopper Program: while you are on the outlet mall website, check to see if they have a preferred or VIP shopper program. Sign up is usually free and the benefit is priceless. By being a member of the shopper program, you can gain access to special coupons that you can print out and take with you to the outlet mall. Also, you can receive emails notifying you of upcoming sales.
  3. Sign up for the Mailing List: if you have a store at the outlet mall that you love to shop at, be sure to sign up for their mailing list. You can do this by visiting the store’s website or while you are at the store. By signing up for the mailing list, you can receive special offers or coupons and be notified when the store is have a sale.
  4. Stop at the Visitor’s Center: once you get to the mall, you will always want to make sure you stop at the Visitor’s Center before you do any shopping. Sometimes you will be able to find special discounts or coupons that were not available online. Also, AAA members and senior citizens can sometimes get special discounts or coupon books just by showing their membership cards.

One last tip for when you are shopping at the outlet stores – always shop the back of the store first. The sale racks and best bargains are usually in the back of the store.