Reasons To Buy Pleaser Shoes

Comfort – These platform shoes and boots are actually pretty comfortable, and feature foam rubber and lugged soles. Other brands of platform shoes are not comfortable because they lack the foam or lugged soles which cushion your feet. There sensuous shoes are made of patent, polyurethane, stretch or leather material.

The leather shoes usually have a supple and comfortable feel and with a texture pattern, is the highest quality material of all used in shoemaking. If you don’t know the what these materials are, here is a quick guide:

  • Leather shoes actually “breathes”, keeping your feet cool and sweat free while you work your hardest.
  • Polyurethane (PU), is a semi-shiny to non-shiny man-made material which is less expensive than leather.
  • Patent shoes have a very shiny, almost mirror like appearance. The patent shoe can be made from either leather or polyurethane.
  • Stretch, is a thin, stretchable material, which allows it to fit to the contours of the feet or legs. They can be made patent or polyurethane.

Style – Pleaser shoes are great looking shoes. Sensuous, sexy and wild; these adjectives describe Pleaser shoes exactly. There is a huge range of footwear so you will find the style that suits you perfectly. Pleaser is the ultimate name in platform shoes, which all other platform shoes are based upon.

Value – Is the Pleaser shoe the cheapest on the market? Of course not, Pleaser shoes can be pricey, but considering the fact that they are made of durable material and a great design, it is a pretty good investment, especially if you are willing to take a good care of them. Two tips for looking after your amazing Pleaser shoes:

  • Occasionally the shoes have glue marks on the side. These glue marks can be removed using lighter fluid. Simply dampen a white rag with lighter fluid and rub over the glue residue and the glue will come off.
  • If you need to clean the patent shoes can be cleaned with patent glow. It is important not to use water or alcohol as they may remove the shine.