Neckline Styles

Face Shape

Anyone versed in hair styles is sure to know the four different face shapes: Oval, Square, Round and Triangle. Necklines play a big factor with face shapes and the idea behind it is to create a sense of balance. Oval shapes can wear pretty much any neckline successfully. For the triangle shape, or those with a long and narrow face shape will want to use wider necklines; especially necklines which are shallow such as the Sabrina or portrait necklines. The horizontal line gives the illusion that your face is wider, helping to achieve balance. For square and round shapes, or those with a wide and round shaped face, you’ll want to do the opposite. A neckline that features a vertical form, such as halter styles, will be to your benefit.

Body Type

The second consideration is made from the body type you possess, ranging from small to large frames. An average frame can choose from any style and be fine. Small framed girls will want to pick designer prom dresses that give a widening effect so their body reaches a state of equilibrium. Sabrina, vee neck, jewel, and portrait necklines, along with many others, are good places to start as they feature a stronger horizontal line.

Larger frames will once again want to do the opposite and pick necklines with a stronger vertical line like the empire, Queen Anne, scoop necks and so on. Just like with the face shape you want to achieve a look of balance. Cuts can also vary by the dress style so just see how it fits on you and if it meets the criteria.

Bust Size

Balance, balance, balance! That is still the idea here when it comes to selecting a neckline. Your bust size when considering this feature is both breast size and shoulder width. Average busts and shoulder widths are lucky and can once again pick from just about any neckline they want.

Small busts with narrow shoulders are going to want wide horizontal lines from their neckline. Portrait, bateau and Sabrina necklines are the sort of idea you’re going for. You want a style that will widen out your shoulders and chest to create a more proportional figure.

Larger busts with broader shoulders will want vertical based necklines like empire, scoop necks and vee necks. These help to offset the wider lines that your shoulders and bust makes, bringing you closer to the ideal average figure.