Model Railway Shops

For example if you go to London on Oxford street you will find out just how high some retailers are prepared to charge you for some simple Lionel and Bachmann models.

My advice when buying train models and railway accessories is to look online at places such as Amazon and eBay because of the large amount of choice that you get and therefore the ability to find a good bargain. Also because there are so many sellers on there trying to sell you the same thing there is a lot of competition in that respect driving the prices as low as possible and giving you a decent deal. Most Model trains online can now be bought with free shipping at these sites so it really is a convenient way to increase your model railway collection.

Your local area having a good quality retail outlet for life like trains is going to be pretty slim. It does depend on how close you are to a city centre but you will usually have to travel a fair bit to reach a decent store because this type of merchandise is not for the main stream audience. The people that buy this kind of stuff are usually extreme hobbyists that research well and travel far to get the exact model railway shops they are looking for.