Look Good On A Budget

One excellent way to draw new attention to an old wardrobe is by changing up colors in small but highly noticeable areas. Men that are big on the suit and tie look, instead of sticking with your standard tie, try going with an ascot tie or a cravat. You’ve probably seen them before and was even impressed by their looks but didn’t know what you were looking at. An ascot tie can easily take the place of a traditional tie and enhance any look. The best part is although it’s an elegant piece of neck ware, it doesn’t over power the look. You can find them for as low as ten bucks.

Ascots and cravat neckties are made for formal and casual dress. They are made using satin, cotton, polyester as well as many other types of fabric. Just like the standard tie, you can use pins to give it that extra pop. During the spring through fall seasons, you can change up your look by adding vests that are designed to be worn without a jacket. A complete neck to waist ensemble can be scored for under $80. Consider that renting a tuxedo for special occasions can run you in the triple digits, this is a bargain seeing as how you can use it again and again.

The key to looking good on a budget is enhancing what you already have. As stated above, rather than buying new, just accessorize. If you don’t want to invest in additional neck ware, buy pins and clips that go with all of them. Just a little change that draws the attention to it will take the gaze away from something they’ve seen hundreds of time. It’s a little hard for men to get away with it, but women can do this with ease and that is to use his wardrobe as a shopping spot. In today’s era, it’s totally acceptable for a woman to wear a man’s necktie with her attire. In some ways, it’s down right sexy. His over sized shirts, sweaters and casual jackets are begging to become your next fashion experiment.

For the women, don’t underestimate the power of a scarf or belt. It is highly fashionable for a woman to sport around with a scarf draped over her shoulders, wrapped around her waist, hips or head; and who doesn’t take a second look at one that’s tied to the lower part of her purse strap. Yes, it’s not just for the neck anymore. A scarf can be formal or casual and worn year round in a range of sizes, lengths and colors. You can get them for as low as ten bucks.