Impress With Dress

It’s been said that clothes make the man. That’s not entirely true. Clothes can be an extension of the man, or person. They can also be a mask for the man, but they don’t really make the person. So the first rule in dressing to impress is to “know thyself.” You can dress up a pig, but it will always long for the mud, thus, acting in a manner that speaks of mud conscience behavior. In layman’s term, no matter what outward wardrobe you put on, you can only be what you are. You must have an inner confidence in order to truly showcase an outer facade of clothing, hairdos and makeup. Once you come clean about who you really are, only then can you truly rock your wardrobe.

The fashion world prides itself on styles that are risque. They make their mark by attempting to shock and awe the consumer. If you’re not a celebrity or social giant, your wardrobe will better serve you if you stick to colors and patterns readily known and accepted by the general public. That doesn’t mean you have to be bland. It means you need to be selective in your color schemes. Choose colors that complement one another with only small hints of diversions. We are forgiving with small samples of clothing and color clashes, but avoid being a walking crayon factory explosion.

Stay within the immediate season. There are warm colors for every season, but every warm color is not all seasons appropriate. For example, red can be worn year round, but you must choose the correct shade of red for the season. Not only that, you must coordinate it with the right colors. If you’re confused, look to nature. Red and green are great matches for summer flowers, but red and brown are appealing for fall. Also, to further help with matching colors use the color spectrum wheel. What you ordinarily wouldn’t put together actually goes quite well. Let’s say you have a blue outfit and want shoes to go with it. Well, to break up the stale, safe color of black, why not choose a shade of green. The color green is made from mixing yellow and blue. See how that works.

Stick with the same theme but choose other options. Everyone is familiar with the customary suit and tie. So instead of a regular tie, why not replace it with a cravat or ascot. They are well known in many countries and they give the look of sophistication and style that’s sure to set you above anyone else in the room. Practically everyone has seen them at some time or another, they just didn’t know the name. It’s like a fancy handkerchief for the neck, or “neckerchief.” You can dress formally without going to the extreme. Instead of a suit and hat setup, why not opt for an ascot or cravat and an outward worn dress vest. You still fit the occasion but you stand out from the crowd. This can be done with virtually any wardrobe or season. Just think outside the box a little. Pay attention to the window mannequins in department and boutique stores. They have trained professionals skilled at drawing the public’s eye at a glance.