Geox Footwear

You see it was during this jog that Mario’s feet became uncomfortably hot from the burning desert sands. Seeking a bit of relief he used his Swiss Army knife to cut a couple of holes in the sides of his shoe soles and discovered to his relief that his feet felt cooler and on finishing the job they were actually a lot more comfortable. From this experience inspiration was born and Mario went home and began working on a viable model of his “cooler shoe sole.”

However, much to his dismay he soon discovered that no established shoe manufacturer would knowingly sell shoes with holes in the soles. So after repeatedly being turned away Mario had two choices. To either give up on his idea of creating a more comfortable and breathable shoe or go into the shoe manufacturing business himself. He chose the latter course and now his company has become the leading manufacturer of shoes in Italy.

Keeping Up With Custom While Adding Something New:

Since Italy is known for its high quality shoes that not only are well made but, are stylish as well, Mario Polegato knew that he needed to design shoes that were in keeping with the quality of the fine Italian shoe manufacturers but, added something new, a comfortable breath-ability to rubber soles. He managed to do this by hiring not only professional shoe designers but, scientific engineers to study how different surfaces could affect the amount of heat build up inside rubber soled shoe and to find new and innovative ways to make these shoes cooler and more comfortable for the average person.

His plan paid off and now Geox footwear is on its way to becoming one of the most popular brands of shoes in the world. By careful design these shoes have a series of tiny holes in the soles that are much too small to allow water in, but can let vapour out keeping your feet dryer, cooler and more comfortable than you may have thought was possible. While this is important for everyone it is especially important to people who are on their feet all day long every day and for runners and joggers as well.

What’s more the innovations keep on coming and there are different design shoes for walking or running on different surfaces meaning that you can get the most comfort possible regardless of where you plant your feet in the course of your day.

As hard as it may be to believe when you have been taught from childhood that a hole in the sole of a shoe means that it is time to discard your shoes. Geox shoes are proving that holes in the soles can not only be good for feet but, can be good for the shoe making business as well.