Finding Ties For Body

For men who carry some extra weight, there are a few specific do’s and dont’s when it comes to choosing ties. First, remember that no mater what your size is, you can still add some fashion and fun to your look. When you are looking at ties, the first thing you will need to do is consider the size of the patterns on the tie. Avoid ties that have very busy patterns or those with very small prints. In either case, you will draw attention to your size rather than the look you are going for. Instead, look for patterns such as broad stripes which reinforce your height, rather than your width. You will also want to keep proportion in mind, so avoid purchasing “skinny” ties, and stick to regular or wide width neckties. You will also need to pay careful attention to the length of your tie. You will want to avoid any tie that falls short of your belt buckle, which emphasizes your girth. If you are tall in addition to carrying some extra weight, you will want to look for extra long ties that are proportionate in length to your body.

On the other side of the fashion spectrum are men who are slim, which can be as big a challenge as being heavy when it comes to dressing. Many fashions are designed for large, heavily muscled gym rats, which can make it challenging to dress a more svelte figure. The most important thing to remember when you are slim is that wearing clothes that are too large for you emphasizes your smaller stature, rather than making you look larger. Men who are slim but also tall should look for suits that fit them well throughout the shoulders and waist, and accessorize with extra long ties designed for their bodies. Those who are shorter can stick to regular length ties. As with men who are larger, dressing well is all about proportion. Being slim means that you can look great wearing a skinny tie, and you have many more choices when it comes to pattern. Avoid busy patterns with large splashes of color, and stick to ties in solid colors or those with simpler prints.