Desert Boots

Desert boots are the rough and tough variety of shoes that you can find amongst outdoor boots. They are made with leather because of its ability to ‘breathe’. It is resistant to mildew and does not absorb water well, thus making it ideal for its intended use. The exterior is also made of breathable, moisture-wicking material and therefore dries faster than normal. Most boots have lining which is made of a breathable material which makes it perfect for use in hot weather conditions. The typical boot usually comes up to the ankle and has eyelets for lacing up the boot.

Nowadays, desert boots are often worn by men and women in the city as well as for camping. They are very comfortable and are perfect to be worn during the warmer months as they are excellent in keeping the feet cool and moist-free. Even while extensive walking these boots keep the feet cool. There have been some modifications made for wearing them in the city. This is to keep up with the fashion trends but essentially it still has the same features which were the initial attracting factor of these boots.

The colors that these boots come in are not as varied as the other fashion boots. The typical colors are tan, sand and khaki. These are of course perfect colors when you wear them in the desert. Desert boots are made in such colors so that they can be worn as a camouflage item of footwear, helping the wearer to blend into the surroundings. Any other color such as black or white would bring attention to the person wearing them and defeats the purpose of using it as camouflage. Their soles of these boots are also made with special material that provide good traction in desert conditions.

When worn as boots for city wear, some extra precaution has to be taken. Since they are meant to be worn in hot dry conditions, they do not fare well in a wet, rainy environment. Scuffs should be dealt with immediately so that it is not permanent. A soft brush should also be used to brush the boots if it gets soiled to eliminate all dirt and soil. If they are taken care of properly, these boots can last a long time.

Both men and women enjoy wearing these boots because of their extreme comfort and durability. They are also popular during the hot months because the structure and material of these boots keep feet cool by allowing the air to circulate. Like many other boots, although desert boots were made for a specific environment and purpose, they have now been adapted into mainstream fashion and have become very popular.