Checklist for a Successful Sales System

  • Thank You/Download Page. As soon as your client completes their purchase, where do they go next? Don’t use the default thank you page that comes with your shopping cart service, you know, the one that says something like, “thank you for your purchase”, or “your order is being processed”. Instead create your own. If you’re selling a digital product, this will be the download page where they access their product; if it’s a program then this page will tell them what to do next.
  • Autoresponders (Automated Email Messages) for Follow Up. After someone completes their purchase, set up a series of automated emails (autoresponders) that helps them make the most of their new purchase and builds the relationship with you too.
  • Shopping Cart. Create a product in your shopping cart service and add the link to purchase the product on to the sales page.
  • Merchant Account/Paypal or Both. Determine who you will be using for payment processing. Ideally you would want a merchant account so that a client can pay by credit card.
  • Fulfillment Service. If you have a physical product make sure that you have everything set up with the fulfillment service you’re using. This means that as someone purchases your product, the fulfillment service gets an automatic notification. They know to print your product and ship it directly to the client.