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Ways to Save When Buying Clothing

  • Consider op shops and second hand clothing outlets. Often you can pick up clothes that have never been worn, or only been worn once. Formal and party wear is often found at bargain basement prices. These clothes are usually distinctive and people do not like to wear them more than once in front of their friends. Some people buy bargains and never get around to wearing them.
  • When buying clothing, do not go fashion crazy. Very fashionable clothing becomes dated quickly and no one wants to be seen in last season’s outfits. Go for the classic styles in the basic colours. If you start with a classic like the little black dress, you can accessorise for different looks. One classic skirt can often be accessorised for most occasions.
  • When you have good quality, classic basic clothes you need to care for them. Make sure zippers are replaced and hems resewn.
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Neckline Styles

Face Shape

Anyone versed in hair styles is sure to know the four different face shapes: Oval, Square, Round and Triangle. Necklines play a big factor with face shapes and the idea behind it is to create a sense of balance. Oval shapes can wear pretty much any neckline successfully. For the triangle shape, or those with a long and narrow face shape will want to use wider necklines; especially necklines which are shallow such as the Sabrina or portrait necklines. The horizontal line gives the illusion that your face is wider, helping to achieve balance. For square and round shapes, or those with a wide and round shaped face, you’ll want to do the opposite. A neckline that features a vertical form, such as halter styles, will be to your benefit.

Body Type

The second consideration is made from the body type you possess, ranging from small to large … Read the rest

Diamond Buying Guide

  • Buy only from a trusted diamond retailer. Never buy any jewerly or precious stones from a company or someone you don’t fully trust. If you’ve never heard of them, then it might be safer to steer away from them. This brings us to number two;
  • Use your gut instinct. This may sound simple enough, but this is probably one of the most important things to remember when buying a diamond. If you have a bad feeling, then don’t settle, simple as that! Never settle when it comes to jewelry. Only buy what you think you should or only shop from someone you feel good about.
  • Bring a Diamond Guide! Having a Diamond Guide available gives you quick reference when the times are tough. It can provide insight in to a pretty large investment. Don’t go unprepared! It may cost you a lot in the long run. The more you know
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Why Buying Branded Clothes

Branded Attire Fit Better

One cannot deny the fact that branded clothes look and fit better. In fact, many people buy clothes from a particular brand all the time simply because they are more comfortable with the fit that the clothes provide them.  Also, you will find that branded clothes have more fits available. For example, a branded clothes manufacturer may have the same design available in more sizes than all the unbranded clothes put together.

Branded Attire is Safer to Wear

Clothes are made of various materials and resources. If you wear unbranded clothes, you may end up getting hurt by the accessories that are used in making them, for example a malfunctioning button or a bad zipper.  Therefore, just by paying a little more, you can be sure that you get the best quality, look and feel, form fitting and safe and hygienic attire.

Branded Attire can be

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Buy Handkerchiefs

Although hankies are not a rare find by any standard, if you are thinking about buying them, the ideal place to shop is the web space. Thanks to the development of the web, buying almost everything money can buy has become simpler than ever before. Today, web search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and the likes have made discovering great deals on all consumer products a breeze, and buying hankies stand as no exception. You can simply search for e-stores offering handkerchiefs using any of the aforementioned search engines and enter a world of inexhaustible options.

The main reason for going the virtual way is the cost efficacy the online market promises. You are likely to find everything being sold in the virtual market to be priced lower than the prices prevailing in the live market. Here, you may be wondering how it is possible for online stores to price

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Platform To Sell Hoodies

Adults as well as young people within the urban scene are more inclined to the trendy designs of hip hop clothing, especially hoodies. The likelihood for hoodies is mainly because they can be easily customized as per individual style. Some like to mix and match them with other pieces of clothing whereas others add accessories to make their own personal style statement. The flexibility to couple these up with a number of other clothing adds to their demand in the market, enabling designers to grow their business.

So, if you design hip hop clothing, there’s a chance for you to cash in on the latest fad for hoodies. You simply have to make your designs available for the buyers and given the rising demand for these clothing, it won’t be very difficult to do. Following the trend, many high end brands and individual designers have come up with new lineup … Read the rest

Buying Clothes For Body Type

When clothes are worn correctly, flattering our body type, we look more refined, elegant and respectable. Wealthier individuals have the ability to buy clothes custom tailored for their bodies creating a flawless look, while others will buy clothes based upon how comfortable they are to wear, or because they like the color or fabric, or someone they know has something similar and they liked it on them. Clothes should be bought for their fit, not because something is comfortable, or someone else looked good in the item. The color or fabric of clothing shouldn’t be the ultimate determining factor for a purchase either since fabrics can often be dyed.

Everyone has a body type, and it is how clothes fit your body type that should determine what you purchase. Clothes should fit your body, accentuate the best aspects of your figure, and minimize the less flattering aspects of your figure. … Read the rest

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Everyone

  • Grocery tote. Plastic is wasteful and doesn’t biodegrade. Bringing your own canvas bag to the store when you do your grocery shopping is one way to cut down on the amount of waste dumped into landfills each year. Many grocery stores even give you a discount for bringing your own bags in. Grocery totes make an excellent gift. They come in different sizes with different designs on them. If you want to make a more personalized gift, get a plain tote and decorate it yourself. Use fabric from old clothes and sew designs onto the tote. Permanent, felt-tipped markers can be used to draw designs and patters. Adding your own touches will give the gift more meaning to the recipient.
  • Recycled journals. These work best if you make them yourself. Unless you have access to a lot of scrap paper, it might take a while to gather the materials for
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Choosing Shop Vac for Small Business

After testing the off the shelf shop vacuums available to the public, we have some recommendations. If you are to buy a shop vac off the shelf from a major retailer rather buying an industrial shop vac such as a quiet and powerful Karcher or WAP, then these are the results you need to know. First we tested many things. Suction of sawdust from a five-gallon bucket. Sucking up steel washers of different sizes, Sucking up water from a five gallon bucket and then we measured the decibels while doing so. We tested the Craftsman 5.5 Hp-16 gallon vacuum. The Genie 6.0 hp vacuum with 16 gallons. The Ridgid vacuum 6.0 hp and the Shop-Vac six hp 16-gallon shop vacuum.

Here are the results. The vacuuming of wood chips was won by the Shop-Vac Vacuum, which took only 11.4 seconds. Second was the Ridgid at 12.4 seconds. Last the Craftsman … Read the rest

Shop Fitting Extraordinaire

Style and colour of shop fitting items are also important factors to consider. Bright, flashy colours might actually attract or detract shoppers from approaching fittings so it is essential that you plan what products to sell in unison with the occasion.

Customers will appreciate fittings inside a shop as long as they are spaced well and do not form a clutter. The last thing you want to have is a shop resembling a warehouse with shelf upon shelf upon shelf.

Before considering which Shop Fitting accessories to buy speak to your sales team to ask them what works and what doesn’t. You would not want to change too many things if sales are good. However, an upgrade on fittings every now and then will show that your business cares about your customers and will show your innovation and genuine interest in what you are doing.

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