Buying Rock Shoes

When buying shoes, only buy at rock climbing or mountain stores with a reputation for quality. Buying discounted shoes may give you a great price, but you may end up with a shoe that will fall apart when you are half way up the cliff face. Only buy the best, and make sure that you talk with the store assistants or reading reviews from online buyers to ensure that you are getting the best gear and best value for money.

Make sure to buy a pair of all round rock shoes. These shoes are great to wear around on any climb and most beginners will find that these shoes are more than enough to get them started. Once you advance a bit more, you will be able to branch out and try new shoes. Until then, your all day comfort shoe will be exactly what you need.

Test the Merrell shoes to be sure that they are comfortable. The fit should be snug, but not so tight as to hurt your feet. Your shoes will need to be comfortable, else you will tired quickly when climbing a high cliff face.

Like any well-made high quality shoes or boots, rock shoes do tend to stretch a bit after time. However, they tend to stretch only in width, meaning that the sides of your feet will have plenty of room while your toes may be cramped if you don’t buy the correct size. Make sure that the shoes fit you perfectly to avoid pain from cramped toes and don’t buy any shoes that are not comfortable from the start.

Never rely on the number on the shoes to determine if they are the best for you. The number on the shoes changes according to the brand, the location, and the manufacturer. If you want the best fit shoes, you will need to put them on your feet and walk around in them to be sure that they actually fit well. If you buy online check the company’s returns policy just in case you need to send them back due to them being too small or too big.