Before Buying Glasses Online

Do you have a copy of your prescription (rx) for your eyeglasses? It may seem like common-sense but having a copy on hand makes the process a lot easier. If you do not have a copy of your eyeglasses prescription, you will not be able to buy glasses online. If you have a copy of your prescription for contact lenses, head back to your eye doctor for an eyeglasses rx. Why? There is a lot of information written on your eyeglasses prescription that won’t be on your rx for contact lenses – like your pupil distance (PD), for example. Plus, your contact lenses don’t always contain the same prescription as your eyeglasses do. Additionally, it’s important to walk out of every eye exam with a copy of your prescription. If you don’t and your doctor refuses to give it to you – remind your doctor that he or she is violating United States Federal Law.

Online optical stores make buying glasses really easy but it’s helpful to know if your face is better suited for small, medium, or larger faces. If you currently wear glasses, look on the inside of your frames – you’ll see a set of three numbers (ex. 50-17-140). Those three numbers help tell you what size frame you should go for. In this example, 50 millimeters (mm) stands for the lens width; 17mm is the bridge width; and 140mm is the length of your temples. Using this as a guide, you can do an advanced search for glasses that meet these criteria or the criteria of 1mm above or below what you have already. If you do not wear glasses, ask your eye doctor to measure you for eyeglasses and take those measurements with you when you shop online.

Here are some other great things to think about before buying glasses online: do you want plastic or metal frames? Should they be rimless, semi-rimless, or full framed? Do you want a bold color like red or purple; or do you want to play it safe and stick with black, brown, or gunmetal? If you can’t answer even one of these questions, head to the site’s virtual mirror to “try on” any pair of glasses before you buy them.