Add Color To Wardrobe With Red Ties

During the fall season, one of the most popular colors in everything from fashion to home decor is burgundy. This deep shade of red is the perfect mix of the fire of red and the earthy colors of autumn. Dark shades of red like maroon, wine, and port are ideal for fall and look professional in any office environment. You can choose from patterned or solid ties, depending on what kind of statement you want to make. Basic patterns such as stripes and plaids are ideal this time of year, but you can also choose a pattern that includes other fall colors.

Wintertime calls for a more festive shade of red. While you want to avoid anything childish like ties with cartoon characters or Christmas trees, a red tie can show off your holiday spirit. You will want to stick with richer shades of red, but you can choose colors like cherry red that add a cheery look to your winter suits while still looking sophisticated. Solid color red ties look great when accented with an accessory like a tie tack or tie bar that adds a bit of shine and style. If you want to wear a tie with a festive pattern to a social event, feel free to pick out something that shows off your personality, but keep it sophisticated.

As winter turns to spring, red ties are the perfect way to bring new life to your wardrobe. Spring is an ideal time to introduce patterns into your tie wardrobe, and red ties that feature subtle patterns look great both at work and away from work. Ties with a subtle pattern ranging from stripes to polka dots are appropriate for work and away, and you can find styles that are fun while still being professional.

Summer ties are the best time of the year to introduce blazing shades of red like scarlet, fire engine red, and cherry red. Think of the style and sophistication of your favorite sports car, and that’s what red ties in the summertime can do for your wardrobe. Feel free to pick out a tie in the brightest shade of red you can find. When worn with a dark suit and white shirt, this shade is at home in any environment. If you are a bit more daring, consider mixing up a red tie and a suit in a different shade to really make a statement.