Month: October 2019

Online Apparel Shopping

Those websites provide you with a platform where you initially select the apparel you need, be it a t-shirt, pants, a skirt, tops and anything else. Then, you will be asked to select the color of the apparel that you need, where you will be offered a palette to choose from. You will be able to witness more colors than what you might get at the offline stores. Then, you will have to select the size of the apparel and from the next step you could start with designing your outfit. Size charts are in place to guide you in deciding the size you require for any gender. Texts can be placed on the apparel in the color and size that you desire. Then, you proceed with placing images or even photographs on your tees. These images and texts can be placed at the front, back, sleeves or any other … Read the rest

Ordering Organic Clothing Online

If you see something you like, check eBay to see if you can find it gently used for a better price. Gently used clothing, or clothing that has been worn before, is even better for the environment as there is no manufacturing for a product that already exists, less Carbon Dioxide emissions, smaller carbon footprint and less clothing heading to the landfill.

If you happen to have organic clothing but you’re looking for a new style consider donating clothing to a local non-profit or charity, have a clothing swap with friends where you all bring clothes to trade with one another or post it on-line for sale. Your waste could be someone else’s treasure.

Many times it’s easier to look up a company’s reputation on-line. You can not only check out their reputation on-line but you can take a look at how and where their products are manufactured, if they … Read the rest

Purchasing and Caring for Real Hair Wigs

There are some people who wear wigs because they want to know whether or not a new hair color would look good on them or not. Others just simply want to look different and get a total makeover.

Since wigs have recently become very popular especially to celebrities, synthetic wigs became highly demanded on the market. Although this might be the case, many are still looking for real wigs. For this reason, numerous manufacturers have created human wigs and made them available on the market.

Have you ever wondered where all these wigs come from? The truth is, these wigs are made out of hair from customers at salons. In short, they are donated hair. But they were not taken for free, the owners of these hairs were paid.

How do real hair wigs get their natural look? At first, they are treated with the use of chemicals. After that, … Read the rest

Easy Travel Dresses for Fall

A Layerable Shift

Keeping it simple is key when you travel. A shift dress is just that easy piece! Layer over a slim long-sleeve tee and boots for a casual look, slip under a blazer for work with pumps, or leave it bare with just sandals and a luscious statement necklace for a night out on the town.

Long-sleeve Knit Dress

If you have to step off sexy for an immediate date or happy hour, nothing works better than a simple long-sleeve knit dress. In a solid or print, it’s comfortable on the plane and versatile for a variety of activities. Belt a long cardigan over it with ankle boots and tights for a cozy look, a simple jacket for work (make sure it covers your derriere!), and simply with a statement necklace, statement earrings or a fur vest and heels for dinner.

The Cotton Tee Dress

Talk about easy! … Read the rest

Impress With Dress

It’s been said that clothes make the man. That’s not entirely true. Clothes can be an extension of the man, or person. They can also be a mask for the man, but they don’t really make the person. So the first rule in dressing to impress is to “know thyself.” You can dress up a pig, but it will always long for the mud, thus, acting in a manner that speaks of mud conscience behavior. In layman’s term, no matter what outward wardrobe you put on, you can only be what you are. You must have an inner confidence in order to truly showcase an outer facade of clothing, hairdos and makeup. Once you come clean about who you really are, only then can you truly rock your wardrobe.

The fashion world prides itself on styles that are risque. They make their mark by attempting to shock and awe the … Read the rest

About Tailored and Bespoke Suits

Bespoke is similar to haute couture, a style of women’s clothing that’s also tailored specifically to the buyer’s demands. Widely used in the United Kingdom, the word is hardly ever used in fashion circles in the Unites States unless it is a high-end tailoring business.

Tailor made suits are traditionally made from patterns designed from scratch for the particular buyer. In this way it differs from “off-the-rack” clothing, which is made in a complete condition and standard sizes such as small, medium and large. Bespoke suits are also different from made-to-measure suits as the latter are constructed from an adjusted block pattern. None of this is to say that bespoke clothing isn’t particularly well-built, but since the inception of ready-to-wear clothing, bespoke garments are much more costly and involve a higher degree of assembly. The distinction to keep in mind when it comes to bespoke and made-to-measure is that bespoke … Read the rest

Buying Shoes for Children

Opt for shoes that have Velcro straps or laces instead of slip ons. These shoes fasten the shoe to the foot in a similar way to how seat belts in cars do. Also try to avoid ballet style pumps currently in fashion as they lack vital support in the inner body of the shoe and provide virtually no shock absorption.

Try to get your child’s feet measured professional in both length and width on both feet. Incorrectly fitting shoes can cause damage to a growing foot.

A good idea is to allow the space of a fingers width in front of any shoe you will buy to allow growth and elongation of the foot while walking.

When buying trainers be aware that many are designed for specific sports and may not be suitable for everyday wear. Always try to get them measured professionally before you buy and also try to … Read the rest

Should Try Colored Contacts

A Subtle Change

If you have light colored eyes, enhancing contacts can be used to give your eyes more definition and deep without radically changing their colour. This kind of contacts are perfect if you want people to compliment you on your look, but without noticing how did you manage. They are also great for those days when you feel asleep as they can brighten up your look and make you look more awake immediately, specially if you use the right makeup.

Changing Your Look Radically

Colored contacts are also great if you want to radically change your look. Even if it looks like a small thing, changing your eye color can totally change your aspect. For example, colored contacts allow you to look exotic, with light eyes and dark skin and hair, even if it’s a combination that doesn’t happen often. Colored contacts are an affordable way of matching … Read the rest

About Designer Outlet

  • Save, save, save! Many discount designer outlet store have excellent prices. This is particularly true for specific stores at various times of the year. You can ask to be put on a mailing list that will send you notifications of special sales and some outlet stores offer coupons from time-to-time.
  • Lots of great stores in one area. At a mall you may only have a choice of a few designer stores. When you shop at discount designer stores located at an outlet you will have all kinds of choices. You could easily spend a day or two shopping your heart out.
  • You will be able to find clothing, accessories, home decorating items, books, toys, shoes and so much more that are the brands you love. Some of the best brands are available at designer outlets.
  • A change of pace is always nice. Tired of the mall or the few stores
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Avoiding Painful Footwear

Despite this situation, I do realise that some people prefer to look at footwear in more practical terms. You may be one of these people. You may well think about shoes as being accessories that you simply wear. As long as they don’t break in any way, that’s pretty much all that you’re bothered about!

But do you ever find that you have pain as a result of wearing shoes? You may find that some footwear is almost unbearable to wear. As a result, there may be items in your wardrobe that you rarely choose to wear. You may see them as being something of a last resort. Have you ever wondered why some should cause more pain than others?

There are a number of reasons for this and it’s fair to say that you may be heading for problems if you don’t pay attention at the purchasing stage. You … Read the rest